• Samford University to open Sports Analytics Center

    Joi Moore, Staff Writer

    Samford University has been undergoing many physical changes within the past year. The no. 1 ranked school in the state of Alabama is also undergoing changes within its curriculum, confirming …

  • Does Freshens’ new policy work?


    Caroline Wolfe, Opinions Editor

    I don’t always get everything I want. Sometimes I can’t go out to O’Henry’s or Taco Mama because I’m on a budget and I don …

  • Letter from the Editor: Dear Samford, please trust us

    Asia Burns, Editor-in-Chief

    Let me begin by saying I wrote this letter in a coffee shop on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Anyone who knows me well knows that there are three things about …

  • Q&A with Bulldogs receiver Andrew Harris


    Levi Edwards, Sports Editor

    Andrew Harris is a junior wide receiver for the Samford Bulldogs football team who plays a very pivotal role in the Hatch Attack offense run by head coach Chris Hatcher …

  • College students can benefit from journaling


    Gracie Donoghue, Columnist

    We all have difficult days. I know I do. There are times where nothing in life seems to be going right. However, journaling will help you calm your mind. Journaling has …

  • Freshman senator strives for activism among trials
    William Marlow, Staff Writer College students agonize over their futures, but freshman senator Mitchell Whitley believes in the power of persistence even through unexpected trials. Whitley planned on […]
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  • Sushi station introduced in food court
      Julianne Jorgensen, News Writer The campus home of Chick-fil-A fries and Boar’s Head Deli sandwiches, Samford’s food court introduced a new station this semester – Hissho Sushi. As the […]
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  • Convo moves locations as campus master plan progress continues
      Asia Simone Burns, Editor-in-Chief Samford is making progress toward completing the first phase of its campus master plan. The master plan is the first major update the university has […]
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  • Daniel House in London closing for renovations
    Katie Roth, News Writer The Daniel House in London, England is one of the unique opportunities offered to students interested in studying abroad. Since the purchase of the property in 1983, students […]
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  • SGA diversifies its representation
    William Marlow, Staff Writer The Student Government Association is addressing diversity issues following the T-shirt and Samford Together controversies. SGA serves as the student voice, but Samford’s […]
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  • Hurricane Aftermath: Campus organizations offer help for students in need
      Hallie King, News Editor In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Samford students from throughout the country continue to be both directly and adjacently affected by the storms and their […]
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  • Student’s faith helps overcome gas price stresses
    William Marlow, Staff Writer William Lovell, a sophomore Samford student, serves others through his Christian faith, but rising gas prices threaten his mission. Lovell needs his SUV. Since he lives […]
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