100 years of Crimson – March 30, 1989


It’s rare for the Crimson to cover an event that is both adorable and sad. However, this was the case on March 30, 1989, when the sports editor covered the near-death experience of one of Samford’s young mascots.Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 4.42.10 PM

Howard “Sam” Samford was a one-year-old bulldog puppy and the football mascot during the 1988 season. He was owned by head coach Terry Bowden, the son of Bobby Bowden, and his wife Sheryl.

Due to an accident, he fell into the Bowdens’ pool and would have drowned, but Sheryl jumped in to save him. She performed CPR – without mouth-to-mouth, as she points out – to force the water from the young pup’s lungs.

Sheryl’s unconventional medical treatment worked, and little Sam made a full recovery. He went on to be the football mascot later that fall.

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