Neon Trees at Workplay

Lead singer Tyler Glenn performs a song from Neon Trees’ hit album Habits. Photo by Alex Jones


By Michelle Kiffin |

WorkPlay Theatre hosted the Neon Trees Sunday night, combining one of the biggest names in music with the intimacy of the small venue setting.

The night featured their most popular songs, including “Everybody Talks” and “Animal,” while mixing in some of their lesser-known tracks from their new album, Picture Show.  Though the new album is a significant change from the pop feel of Neon Trees’ first album, Habits, the crowd was no less thrilled to hear the new songs.

Kaitlin Moore, a freshman theater major, was unfamiliar with the band’s new album but enjoyed the show nonetheless.

“The band did a great job integrating the new material throughout the set,” Moore said. “Playing ‘Animal’ towards the middle really amped up the energy in the room because everyone knew it and could sing along.”

From the flashing lights to lead singer/ keyboardist Tyler Glenn’s flashy outfits, the overall experience of the event can only be described as electric. After playing in Atlanta’s Music Midtown only days before, the band’s energy brought the smaller Birmingham crowd to life.

The two-hour concert was definitely worth the investment. The venue typically features local talents with its low box prices and dinner theatre layout, which provided for a considerably cheap ticket at $21—especially for the Neon Trees. Just a 15-minute drive from campus, WorkPlay’s convenience and modern feel made it a venue that all ages can enjoy.

For more information on upcoming shows and events at WorkPlay Theatre, visit their website.

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