• Red_self-balancing_two-wheeled_board_with_a_person_standing_on_it

    Hoverboards prohibited on campus

    Chelsea Pennington, News Editor

    A popular holiday gift won’t be seen on Samford’s campus this semester after Public Safety issued a new rule this week.

    In an email sent to employees on Jan …

  • IMG_9248-2

    Spoiler-Free Review: “The Force Awakens”

    Jimmy Lichtenwalter, Features Editor

    Note: This is a spoiler-free review; read on with ease.

    Sitting in my seat about 10 minutes before the premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” an odd feeling crept …

  • StarWars

    Jimmy takes on the ‘Star Wars’ Marathon

    Jimmy Lichtenwalter, Features Editor

    In the wee hours of the morning on Dec. 17, I found myself standing in a movie theater parking lot in Athens, Georgia. Ahead of me, the theater’s bright florescent …

  • Jaquiski at TCU_slider

    Checking in on Samford’s pros

    Tyler Brooks, Web Editor

    Over the years, Samford Athletics has produced several athletes who have been drafted by professional sports organizations. Below are the athletes that are currently playing for a professional sports team, along …

  • Open Road Films_slider

    Review: “Spotlight” is a modern classic

    Jimmy Lichtenwalter, Features Editor

    During the usual year-end race to the Oscars, theaters are often stuffed with glitzy prestige pictures, showy performances and overwrought dramas.

    Yet the year’s best film falls into none …




Time-management expert advises busy students

Emily Featherston, Editor-In-Chief As students rush to finish final projects and papers, one time-management expert…

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