Andrew Peterson concert delights attendess

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Julie BarrFeatures Writer |

“Don’t you ever wonder why in spite of all that’s wrong here, there’s still so much that goes so right, and beauty abounds?” Andrew Peterson, Christian singer-songwriter, tackled these ideas and a wide range of other thoughtful topics when he and the band Caleb played at the University Christian Fellowship (UCF) House on Wednesday, October 24.

UCF, Mountain Brook Community Church’s college ministry, teamed up with Samford’s University Ministries to host the concert.

“UCF was glad to have an opportunity to partner with UM for the concert,” said Suzanne Goddard, Assistant Director at UCF. “We already have a mutual friendship, so partnering on events for students in our city only makes sense.”

Peterson played for a full house on Wednesday as local college students, families and children filled the couches and seats, sipping on coffee and enjoying freshly baked cookies and brownies. The UCF House provided an intimate setting for Andrew Peterson to deliver his meaningful lyrics to his captive audience.

Peterson introduced many of his songs before singing them, giving context to the lyrics and explaining what inspired him to pen them. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of the UCF House, Peterson’s willingness to share his struggles and joys, and his humble demeanor made it easy to forget that the artist has nearly a dozen recorded albums.

“I really enjoyed the way Andrew intertwined storytelling with his music to make the message more personal, particularly how he spoke about his relationship with Christ and some of his struggles in coming to understand God’s true nature,” said Rebecca Graber, a junior at UAB and a UCF regular. “The concert was a great opportunity to hear from a Christian singer-songwriter and also just to fellowship with students from across campuses. It was really radical.”

During the intermission, the musicians directed attention to a video about Show Hope, the ministry that they support. Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife – the parents of Caleb and Will Chapman, two of the three members of the band Caleb – developed the ministry in 2003. Show Hope’s main goal is to care for children around the world who do not have families and to provide financial aid to families who want to adopt.

Peterson emphasized the Bible’s teachings, encouraging the audience by emphasizing that everyone can care for the world’s orphans, be it through prayer, financial donations or adoption.  While the concert was free for the guests, all donations went to Show Hope’s ministry.

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