ClassNav helps students organized

Madison Browder, Features Writer 

A new app geared toward keeping college students organized is now available to Samford students.

ClassNav was founded by Carson Ward, Logan Matthews and Jonathan Rankin, three students at Belmont University. It is an interactive app that allows users to input syllabi upon registering as a student of a particular university.

Co-founder and CEO Carson Ward says the idea for the app started because he had built a grade calculator in Microsoft Excel for his classes. When one of his friends got wind of his calculator, he found himself formulating and sending an Excel file out to an entire class.

“I took the idea to Logan and Jon and that’s when we decided that we could build out the tentative assignment schedule too,” Ward said. “We realized that students struggle so much to get the information they need in an easy and manageable way, and we were ready to work as hard as possible to solve that problem through collecting syllabi and leaving the controls in the students’ hands.”

Now, the app is available to students at Samford.

“We chose to launch at Samford because we believe Samford students are very well-accomplished, and we are looking to help them along in their success. We hope they enjoy the convenience and the feeling that ‘we’ve got your back’ when it comes to school,” co-founder and COO Matthews said.

The app then takes the information provided, including assignment names and due dates, and organizes it into a semester long calendar.

Additional settings can be adjusted, such as assignment reminders. Another unique feature is the integrated grade calculator for students to see where they stand in a class.

The ClassNav team hopes to have the app in as many as 40 schools for the fall 2017 semester.

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