Community of Samford Gamers tournament a smashing success

Maryellen Newton, Staff Writer

The Community of Samford Gamers hosts an annual Super Smash Bros Tournament each year, and the 2017 tournament occurred this past weekend on April 15. The event took place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Christenberry Planetarium in Propst Hall.

The tournament first began in 2013, following the club’s founding in 2012.The organizer of the event, Skye Sisk, a sophomore pre-pharmacy major, became involved in the club in 2015.
Sisk said that the tournament usually has prizes from limited edition posters and collectible figures to Pokémon plush animals, but this year the club canceled the typical $5 entry fee and prizes. However, they plan to bring them back next year, Sisk said.

“We’ve had a lot of intensely close matches in the past, especially near the end,” Sisk said. “That’s one of the aspects that makes the tournament exciting.”

One challenge, however, is the technical aspect. They must make sure there are enough controllers and displays for each competitor. Additionally, he has to ensure that there’s not too much lag between pushing a button and the effect showing up on screen.

While that has the potential to turn into an issue, the tournament is mostly fun.

“The most fun part of the tournament, aside from competing, is the social aspect of it,” Sisk said. “People generally become more high-energy in a competitive scene like this, so it’s always great to see everyone excited to watch the next round.”

Sisk found out about CSG through posters around campus. The tournament can also be a good way to promote the club, but Sisk still wishes more people knew about it. He also hopes that people who do know the club exists don’t think it’s exclusive.

“I personally take pride in the diversity of the club, particularly in the games people enjoy,” he said.

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