Crimson Archives – March 14, 1969

Web-archieveConsidering how central Step Sing is to campus life, it’s sometimes hard to believe that dancing was forbidden on campus 30 years ago.

The dancing ban was a long-standing rule born out of Samford’s Southern Baptist background. During those same years, the university had restrictions on a variety of campus life aspects, including housing. In the 60s, women were not allowed to leave their dorms over the weekend or from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. without specific permission.

On March 14, 1969, the Samford Crimson reported on the Student Government Association’s almost-scandalous proposal to allow dancing. The Senate resolutions committee did not recommend the bill.

At that time, an SGA poll of about 1/3 of the student body showed that 77 percent of students supported dancing.

Despite student support, dancing wouldn’t be allowed at Samford until 1988, under the direction of President Thomas Corts. Even at such a recent date, lifting the ban was still challenged by many professors and students.

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