Delta Xi Phi hosts first semi-formal

Chelsea Pennington, News Writer

On Saturday, May 2, the Samford chapter of multicultural sorority Delta Xi Phi (DXP) held their first-ever semi-formal event at Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve.

The national sorority was founded in 1994 and has been at Samford since 2012.

Junior history major Nicole Poland, a member since December 2012, helped plan the event.

“As we’ve gotten more members, this semester we were just for some reason determined to have this semi-formal—to get all dressed up and go out to dinner and have a dance of some sort,” Poland said. “It became something that we were really excited to have happen, so we just did it.”

Planning for a small group was not without its difficulties.

“There are so few of us, and we didn’t want this massive space for not that many of us to show up, and there was the question of how many people we were going to have,” Poland said.

She said they looked for “a place that would fit our size and needs and was within our price range.”

Junior sociology major and internal vice president Morgan Mitchell recognized that there were advantages to being a smaller sorority as well.

“It allowed us to be really inclusive … we wanted to be like, ‘This is a formal for everyone that isn’t in a big, publicly-funded, publicly-supported, Samford-sponsored sorority.’ I think that put us in a really cool position,” Mitchell said.

“At one point we had up to about 30 people, which is definitely more than we ever thought would come. It was just really cool that it was free and open to people and we had a lot of supporters,” Mitchell said. “Especially for it being our first formal ever, and being such a small sorority and a new sorority, I’d say it was a success.”

Junior history major Franklin Lowe attended and enjoyed the event.

“The DXP formal was certainly a success in terms of community, frivolity and especially respect,” Lowe said.

“Everyone there understood what it meant for a group of women to come together from the Samford student body and promote informed views on feminism, race relations, multiculturalism and sisterhood. For that group and their friends to be able to celebrate each other was a great moment,” he said.

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