Denzel Williams emerges in near record-breaking year

By Charlie HowardDenzel Williams is chased by VMI's Chris Copeland. Williams finished the year just shy of tying the school touchdown record. Running back Denzel Williams had an impressive season leading the rushing attack for the Bulldogs. The redshirt sophomore sports administration major finished with a touchdowns in 10 straight games.

Williams’ full rushing statistic was 918 yards and 16 touchdowns overall. His touchdowns came just short of tying the school single season all-time touchdown record of 17.

“Denzel is a very selfless guy. He works hard and does not want to let his teammate down,” offensive coordinator Travis Trickett said.

Williams grew up in the small town of Columbiana, Alabama. He started playing football at the age of 5 or 6. His dad, who was also his coach, started him as running back and it stuck with him.

“Running back was the most fun position and the one I always wanted to be at,” Williams said.

Williams’ dad was not only his coach but also his the biggest influence.

“Every Saturday and Sunday we would watch football together. We would go outside and throw around a little bit, and when I was old enough to play football he encouraged me to play,” Williams said.

Williams has had the opportunity to play at many stadiums and his two favorites are Auburn and Chattanooga.

“Definitely Auburn has got to be up there. I’ve been there as a kid, just being there to watch games,” Williams said. “ I got a lot of love from everybody back home saying they were watching me, and a lot of people came out, so definitely Jordan-Hare, and the atmosphere there is just crazy.”
Williams also likes competing at Chattanooga. “I like that competitive atmosphere,” Williams said.

Many students don’t know about Williams’ love for music.

“I love instruments, and I love music. I am not claiming to be a great musician. I used to play around on the piano, keyboard and used to play drums for my church,” Williams said.

He uses music whenever life is stressing him out too much.

“I like to go to Buchanan (the music building on campus), and play on the pianos when I have some free time or just want to drown out a lot of things and get peace to myself,” Williams said.

Williams says he loves playing football for Samford, but his favorite thing about it is being able to have teammates he can call family.

“It’s not the football, it’s not the Caf, it’s a great school and all but the friendship and those bonds you build with your brothers through the struggle of being in summer camps and workouts that nobody else will understand, so the relationships and building that family,” Williams said.


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