Samford alumni spotlight: Drew Jackson

Hannah Garrett, Features Editor

Drew Jackson Founder of Axle Advertisements

Photo courtesy of Axle Advertisements

Drew Jackson, a recent graduate of Samford University’s Brock School of Business, said everywhere he goes, all he sees are white trailers. Jackson received a Bachelors of Business Administration May of 2016 with a concentrations in finance and sports marketing. He started his own company, Axle Advertisements, while he continued his degree.

Axle Advertisements provides trucking companies with a new, innovative way to advertise. Axle’s goal in the next five years is to not see one white trailer driving down the road.

Jackson is passionate about the logistics, marketing and advertising industries. In the future, he hopes to continue growing Axle Advertisements or be working with a startup company.

“By incorporating advertisements to the side and rear fairings of trailers, we’re not only innovating within the trucking industry, but we’re also re-thinking traditional out-of-home advertising and offering consumers a fresh, new brand experience,” Jackson said. Axle’s goal is to re-think ordinary, he said.

Axle is quickly growing due to developing strategic relationships with carriers and advertising agencies across the southeast and the company is working hard to get ads on the roads in the next four to six weeks.

Jackson said that the biggest blessing so far in his journey with Axle has been mentorships.

“It is important to find people that are older than you and who care about you. Find people who want you to succeed. They will introduce you to their friends,” Jackson said. “It’s like being a brand ambassador for yourself and your company.”

Jackson’s professors and mentors at Samford encouraged him to work harder than anyone else and capitalize on all the relationships built through the business department. If he could go back and tell himself one thing as a freshmen, he would tell himself to be present in every situation.

“There is a lot of growth that occurs. It is really hard, but you learn a lot about yourself.”

Jackson advises college students that have dreams of being an entrepreneur, to do it.
“Now is the best time in your life to do it,” Jackson said. “Take your idea and start trying it. Jump in head first and learn to swim. Learn to be rejected and learn to fail. Fail often and fast. You will be doubted and people will belittle you and your idea. Grow thick skin. Work late and have fun.”

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