Food court, bookstore begin rewarding students for purchases


The food court and bookstore are trying to draw in more students through the use of newly installed “check-in stands.” The iPad stands are located near the cashiers and give students the opportunity to earn rewards with each purchase.

This new program is operated by TextLiving, a company that started in 2012 and acts as a virtual loyalty card for return customers. To sign up, students must give their first name and phone number. They will then begin receiving text messages alerting them to sales or special offers that are only available for those using the check-in system.

The food court stand was installed on Wednesday, Nov. 6. Upon first check-in at the food court, students receive a text that entitles them to a free drink that same day. After this, students should check in each time they purchase food, once per day. After their ninth check-in, students will earn a free Chick-fil-A sandwich.

David Morgan, the retail and concessions manager for Campus Dining, Inc., said students can also check in when buying drinks at O’Henry’s and they plan to place a stand at the smoothie bar next week.

The bookstore’s stands, installed Thursday, Nov. 14, work similarly. Students will get a free soft drink for signing up and every five purchases will earn them $5 toward a clothing purchase of $30 or more.

To learn more about TextLiving and other local businesses that use the rewards program, visit

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