Does Freshens’ new policy work?



Caroline Wolfe, Opinions Editor

I don’t always get everything I want. Sometimes I can’t go out to O’Henry’s or Taco Mama because I’m on a budget and I don’t have enough spending money. Sometimes I can’t go out to the movies with my friends because I have to finish a class assignment.

While we may not like to say “no” to ourselves, learning to do without is an important lesson to learn as an adult.

Freshens is a popular dining choice for many Samford students because it offers flavorful, healthy options such as ready-made salads and rice bowls —items that either don’t exist or are hard to find elsewhere on campus. Last year, lines during lunch and dinner hours regularly stretched outside the doors of the small space in the College of Health Sciences, and you could wait as long as an hour for your food.

When Freshens recently changed its meal swipes policy so that only students on the seven and 12 meal plans could use them from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays, I—like many students—was frustrated. But after reading an email released by the Samford Dining General Manager Michael Scheffres, I learned that the meal plan policy was instituted because students in the College of Health Sciences were having trouble getting food and being on time for class.

But does Freshens’ new policy really solve this problem? Sophomore Reagan Travis, a nursing major in the College of Health Sciences, reported waiting 30 minutes for her food in the middle of the day, even with the new policy. Other students on the 12 and seven meal plans have class times on central campus that don’t allow them to visit Freshens during the scheduled meal hours.

Why doesn’t Freshens institute a policy of one meal swipe per day for the 12 and seven meal plans, or allow unlimited meal plan students to use their meal swipes during the dinner hour? This would solve some students’ complaints while still regulating access so College of Health Sciences students can eat lunch and not be late for class during their busy day.

Students are understandably frustrated by the new plan. Those on the unlimited meal plan can no longer use their meal swipes at Freshens, and that seems unfair. But unfortunately, there is not enough room for Freshens to accommodate everyone at once, and it is also hard for students in the College of Health Sciences when students from other parts of campus arrive during the middle of the day and everyone is crammed into the same small space.

As the chorus from the old Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” goes, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.”

I believe that changes in the Freshens policy won’t always give everyone what they want, but it can still give College of Health Sciences students exactly what they need—access to food during the busiest part of their day.

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