Henna Stories: An artistic opportunity to share the Bible

Maryellen Newton, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 29, Henna Stories was held on Ben Brown Plaza. The idea originated from senior Bekah Mooney, the leader of a cadre called Encouraged and Equipped by the Gospel.

Mooney said the cadre consists of going through a curriculum called Threads. The booklet breaks the gospel into five different threads: The character of God, the sinfulness of man, the sufficiency of Christ, the necessity of faith and the urgency of eternity.

“The point of going through Threads is to better study and be equipped with how to weave these Gospel threads into our everyday conversation,” Mooney said.

However, at the beginning of the semester, the members realized they’d all gone through the curriculum already, so they decided to do some events where they applied what they already knew from the curriculum.

Therefore, the idea for Henna Stories was born.

“Through this event, we wanted to be able to equip any Samford student to share a Bible story in a fun, artistic way,” Mooney said.

Mooney said the goal of the event was to capitalize on the fact that not a lot of people at Samford have henna, so when someone is seen with it, they will be able to talk about it and share an encouraging Bible story.

The members of the cadre recruited friends as volunteers to draw the henna, using packets from hennastories.org to look at for an example.

Mooney mentioned she was nervous for the people who had her do their henna because she has little artistic skills, but she was optimistic about the outcome.

“I’m praying that this event really does serve its purpose to equip more people to share the threads of the most important news in the world,” Mooney said.

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