Increasing healthy options on campus

Bailey Smith, Columnist

As a child, eating healthy was a chore. No kid ever wants to do it. As a college student, eating healthy is a job: necessary, but difficult.

College students have hectic schedules and limited income, which often leads to choosing between paying for healthy food or paying for classes. Healthy and cheap are two words that don’t particularly go together.

According to a study by, 60 percent of college students are “food insecure.” The website defines this term as students having limited or uncertain access to nutritious and safe foods—foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

At a time when many young adults are making their own food choices for the first time in their lives, it is alarming to think that their available options could make them “food insecure.”

Samford is not immune to this growing problem, either. Students can always count on the salad bar for a healthy option, but should have other choices for the times when lettuce and tomatoes just won’t cut it.

Sophomore Brielle Haithcock, who has been a vegetarian for three years, said that although she has never had great difficulty finding vegetarian options, the Caf still has plenty of room for improvement.

Christie Butler, the executive chef at Samford, is the woman behind the scenes of these improvements. Through the incorporation of Sodexo and Freshens, Samford has made strides toward the accessibility of healthy options.

According to Butler, Sodexo is always striving to serve what students would like to have and will continue to ask students for their input on which healthy options they would like to see in the Caf.

College comes with plenty of insecurities, and food insecurity shouldn’t have to be a concern for students. By educating themselves about healthy foods and recommending them to the Caf, students ensure that they will have abundant nutritious options.

Smith is a junior journalism and mass communication major.

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