Lambda Chi revamps after probation

Halley Smith – Copy Editor |

After being placed on probation, the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity took a hard loss in their membership and is now working to rebuild. Photo by Natalie Wilkinson

Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity will re-join Samford’s IFC this February.  The brothers and associates of Samford’s Lambda Chi Alpha have been working this semester to rebuild Theta Alpha Zeta into a “True Brother Chapter.”

Josh Allen, a senior religion major and Lambda Chi brother, called the hiatus a “rebuilding phase.”

“We took this semester to really refocus our education program and bring it in line with Lambda Chi Alpha’s True Brother Initiative,” Allen explained.

After being placed on probation, Lambda Chi took a high loss in membership when their headquarters performed a membership review.  In the fall of 2012, the fraternity was left with eight members in good standing.  During  the summer, the fraternity voluntarily sold their house back to Samford, and it’s currently used as a central meeting place for the Greek community.

“According to the sales agreement, we can occupy 50 percent of the house this fall,” Allen said, “as long as all of the members who petition to live there are in good standing with the fraternity.”

In the fall of 2014, the fraternity will be allowed to occupy 100 percent of the house.

This semester, the brothers set up a few informal recruitment events, including a bowling and a cookout.  Allen said they are focusing on “investing in the younger members,” hoping to relate to new members on a more personal level.

Using this relational recruiting, they have added new members to their fall associate class.  Allen hopes to see the fraternity grow to between 40 and 60 members in the next five years, and hopes people will see past their current numbers and “see the growth that can take place within the chapter.”

The fraternity’s return to IFC means a lot of hard work for the future.  Denny Bubrig, the director of Greek life at Samford, hopes to see growth from the fraternity, and advises them to “think outside the box and find a specific brand that they can be unique with.”

Samford’s Lambda Chi Alpha chapter has the advantage of being an Alpha chapter.  In 1939, Lambda Chi Alpha signed merger documents with Howard College’s Theta Kappa Nu fraternity, creating one of the largest mergers in fraternity history.

Allen credits the fraternity’s continued presence on campus to the international support of Lambda Chi Alpha.

“You do anything you can to make sure your Alpha chapter is successful,” Allen said. “I wouldn’t say our International Headquarters has been easy on us, because they haven’t. But they did fight to keep us here.”

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