Lumineers brighten Birmingham music scene

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By Michelle Kniffen |

With a sweet, nostalgic sound that puts an American twist on the style of Mumford and Sons, the Lumineers are a must-have for any alternative-lover’s Spotify playlist.

The release of their first album in April gained instant success from their standout track “Ho Hey,” which hit the top ten charts for rock and alternative. Other songs such as “Stubborn Love” and “Flowers in Your Hair” have also grabbed the attention of music fans through the band’s soulful lyrics and catchy beats.

In addition to the folksy combination of the mandolin and the banjo, several elements make the Lumineers’ music come alive. The narratives of Wesley Schultz  speak straight to the soul, and the feel of a man and his guitar at a small town open mike keeps listeners singing along after the second chorus.

Whatever the reason for the band’s rise to fame, fans in the Birmingham area can’t get enough of the Lumineers.  Their show at the WorkPlay Theatre quickly sold out for October 18, leaving the Masquerade in Atlanta the only option for die-hard Samford fans to see the band live.

Later on this year, they will be touring the United Kingdom with the Civil Wars— a duo that is sure to take Europe by storm.  With so much success in their first year, the Lumineers have a bright future ahead indeed.

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