What is marriage like in college

Marriage seems so far away for many in college. The idea of settling down can be difficult to grasp when you’re still in the mix of studying and preparing for your future. This wasn’t the case for two juniors, music and worship leadership major Cole Arn and nursing major Lindsey Killebrew (now Lindsey Arn). Cole and Lindsey Arn met during their junior year of high school and have been together ever since. They got married in July of this year at Aldridge Gardens in Hoover after a seven-month engagement.

“It was only possible because our parents were willing to support us financially after we married,” said Cole. “If they weren’t willing to help, we would have had to wait until we had steady jobs.”

The couple said after dating since high school, they were ready to move on in their relationship and experience the benefits of marriage.

“(We have) a sense of security, an apartment of our own, so we are able to be with one another at nights and in the mornings, and, of course, some federal financial aid to help pay for school,” said Cole.

The couple lives in an apartment complex off campus near Ross Bridge.

Although being married brings many great benefits to them, there are some challenges to being married in college according to Cole.

“The challenges have been making time for each other when, at our stage in life, a lot of the social events happen at times when we would usually be together, like dinner times. Also, we both have very busy schedules,” said Cole Arn.  

The two students don’t know any other couples at Samford and know most of their married friends through their church. The couple attends Bluff Park United Methodist Church, where they take part in a young professionals class.

“We’ve had opportunities to spend time with people that are in the same stage as us,” said Cole.

Daniel Dodson, Features Writer

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