Meet 2015-2016 SGA President Laura Ann Prickett


Laura Ann Prickett’s first experience in running for a student government position was a poignant moment in her college experience.

She ran for freshman class president and lost.

Prickett, a political science and English double major, said this experience ignited something within her that encouraged her to keep trying and seek involvement despite the loss. She had to remember that it was not personal and continued to search to find her niche in Samford leadership.

After a year on Freshman Forum, Prickett was elected into Senate and served for two terms, including being the chair of this year’s academic affairs committee.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 4.32.49 PMThrough this position she passed two important pieces of legislation, the reading day initiative and the teacher evaluation renewal.

“This position was so interesting because [academics] are why we are at Samford,” Prickett said. “Everything affects the academic side of student life.”

She also gained valuable experience interacting with a variety of committees and SGA leaders.

Although she thoroughly enjoyed her experience on Senate, Prickett said, she felt that for her senior year she could do something different – run for president.

Upon making this decision, she realized that if she ran for president and was not elected, she could not run for anything else.

“It was hard to give [Senate] up,” She said. “It was all or nothing.”

Prickett ran with ideals surrounding collaboration and inclusion. Her involvement with SGA, Greek life and the Fellows program led her to realize that many students felt disconnected from SGA.

“I realized that I could be a way for people to feel connected and involved [with SGA],” Prickett said.

In addition to being the first University Fellow to be SGA president, Prickett is also only the ninth female to serve as president since 1980.

Although she has not assumed her role entirely yet, she has already proposed initiatives to create a multicultural council and add a new election clerk position.

What she most looks forward to is implementing her platform of collaboration and inclusion and the opportunity for growth.

Prickett encourages those who are unsure about getting involved to just go for it, no matter what happens.

“Be resilient and tenacious,” Prickett said.

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