Movie Review: “21 Jump Street”

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Steven Lyles
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When you go see “21 Jump Street,” as I am hoping this article will convince you too, I would first advise you not see this mildly raunchy comedy with a date and/or parents. There is quite a bit of language as one should have come to expect from Jonah Hill comedies.

“21 Jump Street” follows the early career of young incompetent cops Schmidt, Jonah Hill, and Jenko, Channing Tatum.

After Jenko forgets to read a drug dealer his Miranda Rights, the two cops are given a new assignment; 21 Jump Street.

Their new Captain Dickson, played by Ice Cube, sends the two police officers to an undercover division to hunt down high school drug dealers in high schools.

With that the stage is set for a classic gut-buster. This hilarious movie is consistently funny throughout, providing a strong story line while keeping viewers laughing the entire time.

Hill does a great job in this film but is easily outshone by Tatum who demonstrates impeccable comedic timing while showing another facet of his acting arsenal by playing the popular jock turned dumb loser.

Tatum runs the gamut this year as far as film genres go, having already starred in the romantic drama “The Vow,” and with his action film “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” set to come out later this year.

“21 Jump Street” was written by Michael Bacall, who already penned a crazy high school party film, “Project X,” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” has already been signed on to write a sequel to the film.

Director Phil Lord, of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” acclaim, does a great job of pacing in this slapstick cop comedy.

There was a perfect mixture of awkward moments, car chases and explosions to delight any fan of action comedies.

While some of the things that are said and that happen in this movie seem relatively unrealistic, most graduates of public schools will agree that the events that take place are not too far off base(except for the idea that Jonah Hill can convince someone that he is a track star).

The film also boasts a surprise performance from young Dave Franco, brother to “Pineapple Express” star James Franco. The up-and-coming actor, and former star of hit television show “Scrubs,” is more than just little brother with good looks. Franco carries his role with what appears to be seasoned skill and accompanies the performances of Hill and Tatum very nicely.

This movie may not be the best movie of the year, actually it is not going to touch the top 10, but it made me laugh and I had a blast watching it. Comedies do not have to be the best thing you have ever seen, they should simply make you laugh and enjoy your movie-going experience, while maintaining a coherent story line.

This movie is a great comedy and is currently one of my favorites of this year. In a day and age when comedies try to rely on sensuality to fill the seats, “21 Jump Street” goes back to its comedic roots and provides an original story.


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