Movie review: Warrior

Steven Lyles
Features Editor

“Warrior” proves to be a movie that is about more than a MMA competition. This movie is about family and never giving up. I know you think you have heard that story a million times. Trust me, not like this.

Joel Edgerton stars as Brendan Conlon, a high school physics teacher who is about to lose his house to foreclosure. Too stubborn to even think about bankruptcy, Conlon reverts to his first profession, MMA fighting.

The film also follows Conlon’s brother Tommy Riordan, played by Tom Hardy, who returns home to his father, Nick Nolte, after 14 years in order to get training for a worldwide MMA competition called SPARTA. Conlon also manages to find his way into the competition despite opposition from his wife, played by Jennifer Morrison.

Rated PG-13 for violence and language, “Warrior” is more than your classic train for a fight movie. The complexity of the characters draws you into the narrative in a way that has you holding your breath by the end of the film.

Tom Hardy’s character is one of the most complex and well acted that I have seen in the past few years. The Marine fighting in the same competition as his brother provides a compelling enough story line. When paired with the outstanding script and acting this movie excels as a must see.

Director Gavin O’Connor (“Miracle”) had his hand in every aspect of this film as he wrote and produced the movie as well.

The acting from Edgerton and Hardy cannot be overstated as these two men are perfect for the roles. Hardy’s Riordan is chilling at times with his words and demeanor and leaves much to be anticipated from his role as Bane in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Rises” next summer.

Edgerton provides an outstanding performance as well, although, it pales in comparison to that of Hardy and Nolte. The audience sees Nolte’s character come full circle and really ties the movie together in terms of character development and plot movement.

All in all, I had heard that “Warrior” was good, and I was blown away. If your a fan of the sports/fighting genre or consider yourself a man you need to see this movie.

Look for Oscar nods for Hardy, Nolte and O’Connor come February. This movie goes all in as two brothers fight for home and family.

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