Multicultural group acknowledged on campus

DXP hosted a table in Ben Brown plaza to celebrate Bahrain.

Amanda Gargus
News Reporter

When you think of “sorority” you probably think about the houses in West Campus or maybe the few service sororities if you are involved in them, but one thing you probably don’t think of is a “multi-cultural sorority.”

A group of students are trying to bring a sorority called Delta Xi Phi on campus. The first chapter of DXP was founded on April 20, 1994 on a college campus in Illinois. It started out as the Women for Advancement of a Multicultural Sorority (WAMS), after almost two years of searching for another sorority that would meet their desire for Multiculturalism they gave up their search and decided to found their own sorority.

The sorority was founded on community service, increased multicultural awareness, the empowerment of women, friendship and sisterhood.

Now, a group of students here at Samford University are following a similar path: founding a chapter of DXP on campus.

Last year, a group of women began a small organization called the Sisters of Tolerance. Under that title they presented themselves for the first time at the Tunnel of Oppression last April, educating students on the struggles women face in different countries when seeking an education. After this, they were approved by DXP and have held the title of WAMS since the start of this semester.

And they have been doing everything they can to rally support. They have hosted an Indian themed recruitment dinner to inform interested women about DXP, co-sponsored the Lisa Taylor speech and supported BSU’s chapter when they sponsored a domestic violence discussion panel last week.

The group also hosted a table in Ben Brown plaza to celebrate Bahrain, dressing in traditional attire and giving away Bahrain deserts.

“We have been trying to raise support by informing the Samford community about DXP and our mission” DXPs President Kaitlin Defoor said.

And after months of hard work DXP has finally become a reality. Their first attempt to become a sorority was tabled by the University, but last week these women were given approval by the university to form an official sorority on campus.

The ladies are very excited to be on campus and are looking for more passionate women to join.

If you are interested in joining WAMS or helping to bring DXP on campus contact Kaitlin Defoor ( or the organization’s DXP alumni and faculty advisor Abi Willliams (

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