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Samantha Smith – Opinion Columnist |

In an effort to attract more middle-class white students, the Office of Admission is collecting a series of stories on middle-class white students for the school website. Being the model student that I am (not to mention Homecoming Queen and resident Martin Luther descendent), they, of course, desire to hear my experiences. Thus, I present to you (flash, boom, BANG!) my Samford story.

My name is Samantha Smith, and I am from San Diego, CA. Well, actually I’m not from San Diego. I’m from Paducah, KY, but it’s just about 42 hours northeast. I love fertilized grass, brass statutes, blind bell players, construction, commuter parking and doing good things for other people to stroke my own ego. Oh, and I also love Jesus Christ and Disney princesses (but maybe not in that order).

I always get super excited when someone asks me why I chose Samford University because it allows me to talk about my favorite things—Calvinism, interracial marriage and big government. I always knew I wanted to be involved in the Gay–Straight Alliance, so enrollment at Samford was a complete no-brainer. Even though all six of my older sibling are also Samford graduates, and my family has been donating money since 1817, my decision to come here was totally based on God’s will for my life. Who knew a girl from small-town Kentucky would end up at the most diverse private, Christian liberal arts university on Lakeshore Drive?

It all started at Orientation, which is when you officially go from being a high-school graduate to a college freshman, except not at all. You don’t go to classes or write essays or gain weight or come in contact with anyone other than orientation leaders, who are blindly obsessed with all things college because they are terrified of their future.

Leaving home was such a super hard time for me because I had no idea how to do my own laundry, use a microwave or throw week-old food in the trash. But my Connections leaders hooked me up with the maid service here on campus. Those ladies were a huge part of my freshman experience, and I just don’t think I would have ever showered if they hadn’t cleaned the bathrooms twice a week.

I love sports, so I knew without a doubt that intramurals were for me. Even though my hall team was horrible, we forfeited every other game because no one showed, the Beeson Divinity School team roughed us up and cussed at us and the referees let a linebacker from the football team break my leg, I still had so much fun getting to know the other girls on my hall.

Even though my friends who rushed have completely stopped interacting with me in public, and I don’t have a boyfriend, even though God told me in a vision that I would by now, I am still so in love with Stanford. I cannot wait for what the rest of my time here will bring! Bow Wow Bulldogs!

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