New degree programs for Health Sciences


Nursing tudents at the school of perform practice exams. (Photo courtesy of Katy Flinn, Photographer)

Nursing tudents at the school of perform practice exams. (Photo courtesy of Katy Flinn, Photographer)

Samford’s College of Health Sciences will add new undergraduate and graduate degrees for the 2014-15 academic year.

Dr. Nena Sanders, vice provost of the College of Health Sciences, said the first phase of the new programs will include bachelor’s and master’s degree in speech and language pathology.  There will also be an internship in nutrition and dietetics, master’s degrees in nutrition, social work and public health and a doctorate in physical therapy.

The College of Health Sciences, launched this fall, contains the McWhorter School of Pharmacy and Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing. Two new schools have also been launched under the new college, the School of Health-Related Professions and the School of Community and Public Health.

The School of Health-Related Professions will offer a doctorate in occupational therapy, a master’s physician assistant degree, a bachelor’s in health sciences, and music therapy and art therapy.

The new School of Community and Public Health will include a master’s in global health, doctorate and master’s in health care organization and policy, bachelor’s in environmental health and hygiene, master’s in emergency and disaster preparedness and policy. Bachelor’s in dental hygiene and bachelor’s and master’s in health service administration and health informatics will also be added.

“I am looking forward to introducing new students and families to Samford University who would not be attending the university if it were not for the new degree programs,” Sanders said.

Students are excited about this new college and all that it has to offer for the future of Samford.

“I think [the new college] will be incredibly beneficial to Samford, as well as to our community, to have these new majors available to students,” first year pharmacy student Ashley Buksa said.

“In the future I think the College of Health Sciences will provide a cohesive structure for all of the medical-related sciences,” junior nursing major Cat Montgomery said. “I believe that the same level of care that is being taught in the nursing school will spread to other health care majors.”

Ultimately, the goal of the college is to build upon Samford’s health care tradition and educate a new wave of students for successful medical careers.

“I am looking forward to knowing that we are preparing excellent health care professionals who will be practicing in a caring and compassionate manner and knowing that Samford will be extending its Christian mission to individuals far beyond its gates as a result of the health care professionals we will be graduating from these new and existing programs,” Sanders said.

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