A new and improved way to receive mail


Abigail McCarter, Columnist

As a freshman returning from Christmas break, I had begun to accept all that Samford is: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

One of my biggest frustrations with the mechanics of campus was its old mail center.

The awkward, dirty, dimly lit hallway to the package center was always a source of frustration. It seemed as if notifications were never sent in a reasonable time—or at all.

The process of having the proof email, inputting that information and showing student identification on top of all the other measures did not seem up to par with the other services that Samford offers in terms of efficiency.

I was pleasantly surprised upon my arrival back on campus in January when I received a clear and concise e-mail stating that I had a letter waiting for me in the mail room.

As I walked past the food court, I immediately noticed the ugly wall of mail boxes had been replaced by a sleek navy blue exterior. After further investigation, I realized that the mail room had gotten quite the makeover.

Upon entering the new glass doors, I could see that everything looked clean, bright and open.
As I moved toward the counter, I saw the kiosks that the email described. The screen had two simple instructions: “Swipe your SUID or enter your SUID number.” I did as directed and swiped my card, which activated a notification on the screen that reminded me that I was here for a letter.

I was yet again pleasantly surprised when the line in front of me moved quickly and I heard my name called. A friendly employee handed me my letter and told me to have a great day.

I am so pleased with Samford’s response to student concerns.

This new mail center has been long overdue. It will save so much time and provide efficiency for both faculty and students alike. I look forward to my next email and visit to the new and improved mail room.

Thank you Samford!

McCarter is a freshman journalism and mass communication major.

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