New pro-life group on campus

Image by Reed Richardson

By Natalie Bennie |

Students walking around campus last week may have noticed some unexpected chalk art mixed in with the usual Freshman SGA campaign ads. In bold colors and even bolder words, pro-life slogans and rhetoric proclaimed the presence of Samford’s newest student organization, Students for Life of Samford University (SFLSU).

Junior Garrett Vande Kamp founded SFLSU this summer with the aim “to save lives threatened by induced abortion.”

Through promoting awareness and actively providing resources for pregnant wom

out the Birmingham area, SFLSU aims to enable students to impact their community in concrete ways.

“Samford is a great place, but it is certainly not active in the pro-life movement,” Vande Kamp said.

“Students do not know about the prayer vigils that go on outside of abortion clinics.

Students do not volunteer at pregnancy care clinics. Students cannot direct pregnant students on campus to the resources they need to make a choice for life,” Vande Kamp said.

SFLSU recently received its first faculty advisors – Dr. P.J. Hughes, Pharmacy faculty member and Dr. Tom Woolley, Philosophy professor – and recently applied to be an official organization of Samford University.

However, they are currently still waiting for approval of their status to become such an organization.

In its initiatives against abortion, this pro-life group will be participating in 40 Days for Life campaign on Sept. 28, which is a prayer vigil outside of Birmingham’s Planned Parenthood clinic.

Students interested in SFLSU should check out the group’s Facebook page for more information (Students for Life of Samford University).

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