New publication at Samford gives students a voice

Holly Moore, staff writer

Samford students now have another medium through which they can share their stories. The Odyssey, an online social content platform, has arrived at Samford.

The Odyssey is a nontraditional storytelling platform that began in 2014, and came to Samford in July. It has a presence in over 250 communities nationwide. The Odyssey reached out to Samford in search of leaders, and now has 25 Samford students writing each week.

The goal is to give college students a chance to be heard, all while giving them experience communicating their opinions and sharing their creative work.

“I like to write, and any way that I could possibly have my writing published and get my voice heard appealed to me,” freshman journalism and mass communications major and Odyssey writer Jackson Collier said.

Unlike most publications, there is no hard copy. Student writers submit all weekly work electronically, where it is shared through social media.

According to Clay Carey, an assistant professor of journalism and mass communication, The Odyssey’s nontraditional news platform gives it a different role in storytelling. It aligns more with the social aspect of information spreading and gives students the ability to interact not only on a local but on a national scale.

“It’s an opportunity for students to get more involved with campus life by the sharing of the information,” Carey said.

Samford’s writers have already proven to be some of the best and brightest contributors of The Odyssey, earning a spot among many large universities for web traffic and view count within their first three months.

“We are cracking the top 20 in universities, and we only started in July,” Collier said.

Sophomore business major McKay Richardson and sophomore journalism and mass communications major Savannah Holaday serve as the student editors-in-chief.

“Being editor-in-chief of The Odyssey has been very challenging but very rewarding,” Richardson said. “I wanted this job because I love editing papers and helping other writers become the best they can be.”

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