Paving on Lakeshore causes traffic, delays

Lauren Beard, News Writer & Page Secreast, News Writer

Lakeshore Drive has recently become a clutter of cones, construction workers and contraptions used to pave roads. The construction has caused many delays for people commuting on Lakeshore Drive.

This project is led by the Alabama Department of Transportation.

ALDOT has a list of projects they let out to bid monthly. Dunn Construction, the lowest bidder in the Lakeshore project, received the bid.

The paving project will be underway on Sundays through Thursdays from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Project Manager Brian Hibbard said the goal of this project was to “rehabilitate the existing road conditions and maintain the life and integrity of the existing road.”

Vice President of Dunn Construction, Evans Dunn, stated the only lane closures will be in effect at night, during the time of construction.

Dunn contended that the lanes would be safe to travel on during the day, despite construction.

“The maximum allowed is a two-inch difference on uneven lanes,” said Dunn.

Samford, Homewood High School, local residents and businesses will be affected by this project for at least the next three months until the project comes to a conclusion.

“The construction has really distracted my daily routine in leaving campus because the cones are a new obstacle on the road,” freshman pre-medicine major Samantha Glaze said.

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