Preview: Birmingham’s Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival

Jimmy Lichtenwalter, Features Editor


Today, the 17th Annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival begins in Downtown Birmingham.

The festival will run until Sunday, Aug. 30 at various locations around Birmingham including the famed Alabama Theatre, the Red Mountain Theatre Company and Rojo. There will be a wide variety of films screening throughout the weekend, varying from local short films to notable independent features. ALTheater

Many of these films are competing for a number of awards and prizes, which are announced on the festival’s final day. Filmmakers and professionals from the film industry will also be hosting numerous panels and Q&As.

To learn more about Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival or to purchase tickets for screenings and panels, visit


Here are my recommendations:



“Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made”

This documentary explores a group of childhood friends’ attempt to make a shot-for-shot remake of the classic film “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” I saw it earlier this summer, and it is an intriguing tale of friendship, dedication, obsession and nostalgia. “Raiders!” is a must watch for all film-lovers.


“Finders Keepers”

This documentary tells the usual story of a man who discovered an amputated leg in a grill he purchased. This is a film that I desperately want to see, if only because of the lurid and bizarre subject matter.

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