Prickett elected SGA president

web-laura annEmily Featherston, News Editor

Junior political science and English major Laura Ann Prickett will serve as the 2015-2016 SGA President, becoming the ninth female president since 1980.

Prickett, who is from Decatur, Alabama, has been involved in SGA for three years, including two years on Senate and serving this year as the chair of the SGA Senate academic affairs committee. She is also involved in Greek life and international student affairs, and is the first University Fellow to be elected SGA president.

“I am most looking forward to working with the other branches of SGA to increase our relevance, accessibility, and transparency on campus,” Prickett said.

“This year, I plan to make our services and activities more relevant for and more representative of more students. These big goals aren’t just ideas – I have specific systems and activities planned in order to implement change during my term.”

Director of Student Leadership and Community Engagement Janna Pennington said 1,036 students voted in the run-off between Prickett and sophomore pre-business major Porter Rivers. Sophomore class-officers and Senate public health representatives were also decided in the race.

Complete 2015-2016 Election Results:

Student Executive Board:

President – Laura Ann Prickett

Vice President for Senate – Garrett Greer

Vice President for Events – Catherine Guardabassi

Vice President for Development – Juliette Stanley

Class Officers


President – Margie Terp

Vice President – Rebecca Womack

Secretary/Treasurer – Breonna Scott


President – TBD (Appointment by SGA President)

Vice President – Julie Jordan-Lake

Secretary/Treasurer – Jane Edwards


President – Nelson Park

Vice President – James Miley

Secretary/Treasurer – Taylor Hartman


School of the Arts

April Miller

Lindsey O’Quinn

Sarah Summa

Arts & Sciences/Undeclared

Trip Adams

Elizabeth Bragg

Jeremy Dale

Stone Hendrickson

Karson Jones

John Kegley

Sarah Korta

Julia Phillips

Frank Robertson

Emily Smothermon


Lauren Bender

Jeb Gebhart

Jordan Holland

Laura Klein

Anna Claire Pope


Allie Gassner

Mary Gates

Sam Rogers

Health Professions

Kendra Skenderi

McKenna Souders

Jhamall Wright


Chandler Headdy

Maggie Weir

**3rd Senator TBD**


Alaina Avery

Sarah Marriott

**3rd Senator TBD**

Public Health

Haley Bishop

Mimi West

Hannah Gilliland

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