Q&A with senior outfielder T.J. Dixon

Ashton Nix, Sports Editor

Samford senior outfielder T.J. Dixon has made a big impact on the field throughout his collegiate career, and he continues to shine in his senior season. This year Dixon is pacing the team in both hits and runs.

He sat down with me to discuss his family, career plans, and life off the field.

AN: If you weren’t playing baseball at Samford, what would you be doing?
TD: Well I love baseball, and I can’t imagine playing it anywhere but here, but if I wasn’t playing baseball here right now, I would probably be back at home, which is Mobile, Alabama, probably attending South Alabama, where both of my parents went to school. They both were athletes there, so I’d definitely be walking on the baseball team there.
AN: So both of your parents were student-athletes?
TD: Yeah, my dad was a baseball player at South. He’s actually in the Hall of Fame. He’s the stolen base leader still right now. My mom, she was a tennis player at South. She was a transfer from the Bahamas, so that’s where they met.
AN: Did your desire to play baseball come from your dad?
TD: Yeah, for sure. Growing up, my brother and I both had a bat and ball around 2 years old. I remember hitting off the tee before I could even play actual tee ball, so we’ve always been die-hard baseball players because of my dad.
AN: What’s your favorite thing about having your brother on the team?
TD: My favorite thing about having bro on the team, I’d have to say, is just our charisma together. We collaborate off the field really well, so when we’re on the field it makes it really easy. There’s no kind of filter. He says what he needs to say to me, and I say what I need to say to him. We both learn from it and move on.
AN: What’s your least favorite part about having him on the team?
TD: I guess I’d say I’m frustrated when he gets out just because I want him to do well so bad. I hate seeing him get out.
AN: Favorite kind of music?
TD: Hip-hop for sure. I’m definitely a Drake fan. I just got back on some Lecrae and Andy Mineo, some Christian rap. I’ve been on that lately, and a little bit of Kendrick [Lamar] and Lil Uzi Vert.
AN: Kendrick’s new album? Yay or nay?
TD: Yay on about half of it.
AN: Food wise, what are you eating?
TD: I’m a big Zaxby’s guy because growing up on the Gulf Coast we’re big-time fried food eaters, steak, chicken, any type of meat and vegetables.
AN: What are your plans after college?
TD: The plan after college is to definitely continue playing. I’ll try and follow in the footsteps of [former Bulldogs] Heath [Quinn] and Hunter Swilling and Alex Lee. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll come back and finish up school and hopefully get a good internship with my major and get a good job.
AN: What’s been your favorite part about being a student-athlete?
TD: I’d have to say just that family bond that all of the athletes have, especially at Samford. That, and also just taking on the responsibility. I just know that moving forward in life, battling school and sports in college, it’s definitely going to better suit me for the workforce and family life and whatever gets thrown at me for the rest of my life.

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