Raised tuition annouced for 2013-2014 academic year

Catherine Farist @catherinefarist – News Writer |

During an executive meeting of the board on Feb. 26, Samford University’s trustees committee approved a 3.9 percent increase for the 2013-2014 tuition.

Undergraduate tuition for full-time students will be raised to $12,764 compared this year’s tuition of $12,285. To date, this is the lowest percentage increase in undergraduate tuition in more than 25 years.

“We have been very cautious and deliberate in our discussions about costs of attendance and how those impact our students and their families,” said Harry B. Brock III, Samford’s vice president for business and financial affairs. “Additionally, we have been very intentional in reviewing all of our expenses and finding ways to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible without diminishing the level of service that our students and families have come to expect.”

For a private, four-year institution, Samford’s tuition is approximately 13 percent below the national average. According to Brock, tuition and fees only cover about 70 percent of the student’s annual cost to the university.

“Fortunately, an improving economy has provided increased investment income to help offset some of our increased operating expenses,” Brock said.

Housing rates and meal plans will also be affected depending on the residence facility and plan selected and will include the new West Village.

The 12 and 7 meal plans, however, are staying the same for the upcoming academic year.

The undergraduate campus life fee for full-time undergraduate students will increase to $250 per semester to cover on-campus health services and enhanced co-curricular and extracurricular services for students.

The campus life and technology fees were eliminated for Jan-term and summer sessions.

The complete fee schedule should be available around March 1 at http://www4.samford.edu/admin/bursar/.

The next full meeting of the board of trustees is May 7.

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