Recent burglaries spark concern

Asia Simone Burns, Editor-in-Chief

Samford’s Public Safety department is working to figure out who is behind multiple burglaries that took place on campus between the summer and fall semesters.

“We are working diligently to narrow down who is responsible to end this,” said Wayne Pittman, chief of Samford Public Safety.

The most recent of the burglaries occurred in Russell Hall on Sept. 11, according to Public Safety’s crime log.

The first of the burglaries took place June 16 in Robinson Hall, where over $2,500 worth of property was reported stolen. Later in the month on June 29, another $2,500 was reported stolen from Buchanan Hall.

“Most of the burglaries are in classroom buildings,” Pittman said. “Faculty are nervous and are taking home their personal property.”

Despite anxiety over the burglaries, Pittman emphasized that students and faculty could continue “normal business.”

“I don’t see any danger for students or for faculty,” Pittman said. “We have officers out at all hours of the day and night.”

Pittman did not indicate any connection between the incidents.

Pittman said that anyone with any information about the incidents should call Public Safety at (205) 726-2020.

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