Record-setting rush



New Members run to find their sorority after opening their bid cards. Photo by Natalie Wilkinson


By Leslyn Bantley |

The time finally came for the record-setting number of 328 girls and a high number of more than 50 upperclassmen going through recruitment to reveal their new sorority house.

Zeta Tau Alpha revealed the biggest pledge class this year with 58 new members.

Bid Day, also known as Squeal Day, was Monday. Recruitment kicked off Thursday, Sept. 20 with the first Philanthropy night round.

Senior JMC major and ZTA Rho Gamm Lauren Cherry loved getting to know the girls in her group and form relationships with them.  “It was so fun to reveal what sorority I was in and see my girls’ faces light up,” Cherry said.

Kadie Haase and Katie Cohen on Bid Day. Photo by Natalie Wilkinson

Half of the potential new members went to the houses on Thursday, while the other half started their first night on Friday.  After Thursday and Friday Philanthropy nights, the potential new members traveled to select houses for Theme night, where the sororities illustrate their bonds as a sisterhood more formally than the first night.  The final night of recruitment was Preference night, which is much more intimate because the girls are able to talk more in depth with the potential new members.

Then came Monday, the day of squealing, which began for the new members in the Wright Center at 5 p.m.While the sororities yelled traditional cheers outside, the potential new members opened their bid cards inside the Wright Center. Once their house was revealed, the PNMs ran outside to see their new sisters.   Many students, parents, teachers and families come out to the quad to watch these moments unveil as the sororities cheer on their new sisters.

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