Review: The sheriff is back in town; “Longmire” returns on Netflix

Sean Coffindaffer

Fans were furious when A&E ended “Longmire” with an ambiguous cliffhanger last year.

Netflix came to the rescue and bought the rights to the series and produced 10 brand-new episodes, which began streaming Sept. 10.

The streaming service has saved acclaimed, prematurely cancelled television programs before, including Emmy-winning comedy “Arrested Development,” mockumentary “Trailer Park Boys” and unaired episodes of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated series. Seeing that many have been successful after their initial cancellation, “Longmire” was in safe hands.

This newest season has retained the same tone as the previous three, but with higher stakes.

The result of last season’s monumental cliffhanger is finally revealed and all characters face the gravity of it, though it does not stop Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and his ongoing crusade to bring longtime enemy Jacob Night-Horse (A. Martinez) and his fellow criminals to justice. And after three long seasons, the truth behind a series-long mystery is finally revealed.

The show has not lost any of its flavor under a new production company. Netflix made the correct decisions by letting the writers and directors continue with what they started. All the action and excitement that viewers expect from “Longmire” returns. The actors remain true to the characters they portray and the plot continues to thrill audiences with plenty of twists and turns.

As a result, “Longmire” is still one of the most addicting and well-made shows available, and based on its praise and increased popularity, a fifth season for the show seems very likely.

Welcome back, sheriff.


  1. Julie says:

    Thanks to Netflix for bringing back the best show on TV in years. The details are amazing – camera angles, cinematography, writing, casting, beatiful locations, acting ….. it is like every episode is a well produced movie. Our family has been watching since the very beginning.

  2. Carol says:

    Thank you Netflix. I was hooked on this show from the first moments of the pilot and have been a true addict since. A&E was brutal and frankly stupid. What a coup for Netflix to resurrect this extremely good, high-quality show with excellent scripts, excellent acting and the most beautiful stunt scenery (NM standing in for Wyoming) anyone could ask for! Thank you and please keep this show going for many more seasons. The audience will remain and grow.

  3. Janet says:

    After extensively watching all three seasons, Season Four, all three main characters have huge changes, even before the cliffhanger resolves. They all appear to be written OUT of character for max dramatic effect AND to keep anything from happening vetween the two leads, despite setting it all up S3. I call Cheat!

    • Elanor says:

      Methinks someone does not comprehend the impact of the death of a major character. If the main characters, I assume you mean Walt, Henry and Vic, did NOT show some kind of major character shift as a result of the death in Episode 1, I would have been disappointed. I assume the two leads referred to are Walt and Vic? If so, I am personally not surprised by their reaction to Branch’s death. Walt would feel personally responsible for Branch’s demise and, therefore, examine his relationships with his other deputies very closely. I suspect he feels that he caused Branch’s death because he reacted inappropriately to signals from Branch – he let his gut reaction overtake his thinking. He likely feels the same way about Vic. By allowing “something” to happen between himself and Vic, he would, in his mind, be risking her life. Not a “cheat” at all. I believe that it means that Walt feels very strongly about Vic and this will be shown in future episodes, just not too soon after Branch’s demise.

      • Sean Coffindaffer says:

        I was trying to avoid spoilers and was given a limited amount of space, so “methinks” someone just unintentionally ruined the cliffhanger for some viewers.

  4. Jan Groves says:

    Longmire is a great show have watched all of the seasons ( more than once for sure) I so happy Netflix picked it up and hope they will surely give us more seasons beyond season 4. There are so many stories to be told !!!!!!!!

  5. lea says:

    i was so happy when netflix picked this up. I loved watching the whole season back to back. great show, great actors.

  6. Sheila says:

    Thank you Netflix!!! This is by far the best tv show out there. I have watched Season 4 twice, so much for trying to pace myself 🙂 I will stay with you for Season 5, 6, 7, and as many as you hopefully keep filming. I recommend Netflix to everyone I know for Longmire!

  7. Leslie Niebruegge says:


    I agree with “Janet” about the changes in some of the characters. Especially the two leads.

    But, outside of that, I’m beyond thrilled it’s back. When I found out all 10 episodes were released at once I ended up watching all of them in 3 evenings. Now I’m starting to watch them again and enjoying every moment all over again.

    Please NETFLIX don’t keep us hanging on. Let us know for sure you’ll be signing up the entire cast for at least 5 more seasons.

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