Salmon: The Big Fish of Samford’s Defense



Joi Moore and Levi Edwards, Staff Writer and Sports Editors

Shaheed Salmon has been having a standout season so far with two sacks and 50 total tackles including his season debut against Kennesaw State where he had 16 tackles. Last year he was named first team All-SoCon by coaches and second team by FCS media polls. He is looking to finish his senior year on an even stronger note and improve himself on and off the field. Sports Writer Joi Moore and Sports Editor Levi Edwards had the opportunity to speak with the Big Fish of Samford’s defense.

Levi Edwards: Why did you choose to play at Samford?

Shaheed Salmon: I choose Samford because it was the best option for me academically and it was the closest option to home to play football.

Joi Moore: What is your favorite part about being on the football team?

Shaheed Salmon: My favorite part of being on the  team is the bond you get with the players and coaches. We spend some much time together that they have made Samford my home away from home.

LE: You are considered by many of being the heart and soul of the Samford defense. Does any pressure come along with having that title?

SS: I believe it sort of happens over time. I was once the person on defense that didn’t say much, but now that I got comfortable with the system I can play more freely. I also like to play with passion and I believe it has an impact on how (my teammates) play too.

JM: How has being on the football team impacted your faith?

SS: My faith grew while being on the team through player lead bible studies, RANSOM and meeting really helpful people like our team chaplain Seth Terrell.

LE: What has been the toughest game you’ve had to play in during your collegiate career so far?

SS: The toughest game I’ve played in here at Samford would be last year’s Wofford game. We won by two and it was a heavily fought game. This year’s game will be even better. We are ranked no. 14 and they are no. 5 so it should be a showdown.

JM: How do you prepare for a game?

SS: Before the game, I stretch, warm up and throw the ball with Deion Pierre. I also blast my playlist through my headphones to put me in my zone.

LE: What music do you have on that pregame playlist that you like to listen to?

SS: I like to listen to a different variety of music before the game but to be specific I like to listen to artists like Whoop, Gucci Mane, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, and even more.

JM: Reflect on the current season so far. What are some things you guys need to work on in order to become more and more successful?

SS: We aren’t exactly where we wanted to be at this point in the season due to losses from conference rival WCU and out of conference game against UGA. However, the good thing is our end goal is still in reach. We need to improve on finishing each play. We are in the right spot often, but need to finish to maximize our chances of winning.

LE: What are your goals you would like to accomplish by the end of this year on and off the field?

SS: I would like to finish this semester off with a 3.5 GPA. I have been stressing my academics more than anything this semester. Also, I’d like to be a first team All-American selection.

JM: Individually, what do you need to work on to benefit the team as well as yourself?

SS: One thing I need to work on is being a leader. It will not only help my individual play but it could help the team as a whole, especially with giving the freshmen someone to look up to.

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