‘Samford Memes’ gains popularity on social media

What began as a joke quickly became a campus sensation. Last March, a new Instagram account appeared for Samford University students and rapidly gained popularity.

Samford Memes, an account run by an anonymous Samford student, went from 100 followers to almost 1,000 seemingly overnight. With 1,246 current followers, Samford Memes has become one of the most popular and talked about accounts on Samford’s campus. In fact, the account has more followers than Samford’s Student Government Association account, as well as the Samford Student Activities account.

“The overall reaction to Samford Memes has greatly surprised me,” said the creator of the account. “Early last semester when it was just beginning, it only had a few followers. The formats weren’t perfect, and I was still deciding which direction I wanted to take it. Now, with over 1,200 followers, it’s grown far more than I could ever have imagined. One of the funniest things is to be walking around campus and overhear people discussing Samford Memes. Like, that’s me! It’s almost surreal at times and I’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback from a lot of students and even some other Samford accounts (SGA and several Greek Life accounts).”

The account caters to Samford students by providing them with weekly comedy through the form of memes. The anonymous creator of the account said the idea came from an everyday occurrence that happens to Samford students all the time.

“The idea for Samford Memes came to mind as I was walking across campus one day last semester,” said the Samford Memes creator. “True story: I was walking to class and I tripped on something near the Ben Brown fountain in front of dozens of people and wondered how many people this had also happened to. The idea quickly evolved into the idea of starting an account that helped students laugh at all of the Samford-isms that happen every day.”

The creator strives to keep the account content positive, encouraging students to enjoy their Samford experience more.

“When I started the account I decided to go with ‘pure and wholesome’ memes,” said the creator. “I’ve seen accounts for other schools and universities that are just a lot of people bashing whatever it is they’re representing and honestly I think that’s such an unhealthy way to look at life. Of course our university is flawed … we all are! But I’ve chosen to highlight the things that set Samford apart from other universities and the little things that make it special. I like to think it helps us relate to each other and be able to laugh together when it gets really tough without going so far as to start hating on the university itself.”

Students from all across campus have gotten involved with the account. Even new students to Samford have jumped on board.

“Samford Memes always brightens my day because it’s super relatable and funny,” said Molly Finnegan, a freshman at Samford.

Upperclassmen, such as Elliot Kircher, voiced their opinion about Samford Memes as well.

“Samford Memes makes the community more connected by giving students something they can all relate to and turning it into comedy, something everyone loves. It gives a sense of school pride,” said Kircher.

Another upperclassman, Annie Roche, expressed her appreciation for Samford Memes when asked about how the account has changed her Samford experience.

“This account has made the culture and world for me at Samford so much better. I eagerly look forward to their posts and the simple wit that brings smiles to my face and sunshine to my day,” said Roache.

Not only is the account comical, but it is also shrouded with mystery due to the fact that students do not know who runs the account.

“As everyone is aware, Samford Memes is still anonymous,” said the creator. “In the future that could change, but for now honestly I like the mystery of it! The fact that there isn’t a known person tied to it helps students to be more open and engaged with my posts and still feel connected to the student body as a whole.”

Even though the account is run by an anonymous source, students can still get involved by submitting memes through Instagram direct messages and through the account’s email address at samfordumemes@gmail.com.

Stephen DeFrancesco, Features Writer

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