SGA Senate to host “Sit Down” Thursday

Flyer by SGASydney Cromwell, Editor-in-Chief

Senate will be soliciting student feedback in the Caf on Thursday, Nov. 20. In the morning, senators will be in the Caf handing out comment cards to diners. From 5 to 7 p.m., the senators will be working 30-minute shifts to discuss students’ concerns and ideas in person.

Comment cards can be filled out anonymously, but students also have the option to request a follow-up discussion with a senator about their comments. As of press time, Senate public relations committee head and senior journalism and mass communication major Madison Miles said 42 senators are signed up for shifts during the event. There is one day left for senators to sign up.

After Thursday, Miles said the Senate will divide the comments by topic and send them to the appropriate committees and senators for review. If more students write in about a certain issue, Miles said that issue will move higher on the Senate’s priority list.

Last year, the Senate held a similar event in the spring, but Miles said the senators received feedback too late in the year to implement any changes.

Vice President for Senate and junior finance major Stephen Newton decided to hold Sit Down with Senate in the fall so there would be time to craft any needed resolutions or bills before the end of the school year.

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