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If you’ve ever been to a Samford women’s soccer game this season, You might have seen three girls on the field for Samford who all look alike. Maybe you’ve heard their names called out by the announcer after a goal or a substitution and said to yourself, “Do they all three have the same last name?” Well, you would be correct.

Samford has a trio of sisters, redshirt junior Kaitlyn, and freshman twins Caroline and Lexi, who all play on the team.Kaitlyn plays center midfield, Lexi plays outside back on defense, and Caroline plays forward/outside midfield.

The three have played soccer ever since they were young, but have only been on the same team for two seasons, the first of those seasons having been in high school at St. Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta, Georgia, and the second being this season at Samford.

While at St. Pius X on the same team, the girls won the 2014 GHSA state championship. Caroline and Lexi were on four state championship teams (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), while Kaitlyn was on three (2011, 2013, 2014).

“Playing on the same team as Lexi and Caroline during my senior year at Pius was incredible,” said Kaitlyn. “I had never experienced playing on the same team with them up until that point, so it gave me a taste of what it could potentially be like in college.”

Lexi was very fond of having an older sister to look up to on her way to winning state championships in her high school career.

“Kaitlyn was such an amazing leader for my high school team and would always encourage the team from the sidelines,” said Lexi. “As a freshman in high school and now a freshman in college, I have loved looking up to Kaitlyn as a leader and role model for me and the rest of the team.”

After her senior season in 2014, Kaitlyn came to Samford. In her first year, she suffered a torn ACL for a second time. She suffered the same injury during her senior season at St. Pius X. Ever since her return from that injury, she has been a vital part of the Bulldog’s team for the last several seasons, having been named to the 2015 SoCon All-Freshman Team and the 2017 Preseason All-SoCon Team.

When it came time for Caroline and Lexi to choose where they would play soccer in college, both knew that Samford was the place for them.

“As I was beginning my college soccer career recruiting, I visited various schools both big and small,” said Caroline. “Once I visited around to several schools, Samford always came back to me as a special spot in my heart. I loved the feeling of community at Samford and I especially loved the coaches. Therefore, I would say that Kaitlyn definitely was one of my deciding factors when I chose to come to Samford and play soccer here.”

Lexi shared very similar feelings as well.

“Having Kaitlyn already at Samford did have an influence of me coming to Samford because I knew that it would be amazing to be able to play with her for one last season,” said Lexi. “I knew that having Kaitlyn here would make it feel more like home. I am so happy I chose to come here because it is my home away from home, and I absolutely love my teammates and coaches.”

As far as their play on the field, the three sisters all agreed upon the fact that the relationships made with their teammates and the bond formed as a team are some of their favorite aspects about the game of soccer.

“My favorite thing about soccer is the relationships that form throughout the team. Having a team that slowly becomes your family is an intangible gift that soccer brings,” Kaitlyn said.

Lexi added, “Having my sisters as teammates has been so incredibly fun. I would never trade this season for the world. Being on the same field at once is such a blessing and I have cherished every minute of it.”

The three sisters can often be seen all out on the field playing at the same time.

“I love having my sisters as teammates,” Kaitlyn said. “A lot of people joke around and say we have a telepathy on the field, but I honestly think it is true. We like to play very similar styles of soccer and are good at reading each other on the field so it makes playing together so much fun!”

The Orman sisters will be in action on Oct. 28 as Samford looks to enter the conference tournament and win a fourth consecutive conference championship. The Lady Bulldogs currently boast a 8-0-1 record in conference play and a 12-5-1 record in the regular season.

Collin Reese, Sports Writer

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