Sleep deprivation: Common health issue among students

Katie Roth, News Writer

A recent, student-conducted poll found that many Samford students claim sleep deprivation is a health problem.

“All students are sleep deprived,” said psychology professor Dr. Stephen Chew. “It’s just a matter of the degree to which they’re sleep deprived.”

According to the poll data, which was collected via SurveyMonkey, 78 percent of Samford students feel like they do not receive an adequate amount of sleep every night.

Even with an average of five to eight hours of sleep per night, students feel as though they lack sleep. Seventy percent of students feel that their lack of sleep is negatively affecting their health.

Chew mentioned that most college freshmen need about eight or nine hours of sleep per night.

“One thing that students don’t understand is that sleep debt accumulates,” said Chew. “So, if you only sleep seven hours a night throughout the night, then it’s basically the same as pulling an all-nighter. You can’t get rid of sleep debt accumulated during the week by sleeping in one or two nights on the weekend. It’ll help, but it won’t eliminate the sleep debt.”

Chew’s advice for improving sleep habits are to set a regular sleep schedule, study more effectively by putting phones or other distractions out of sight and to prepare for assignments in advance.

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