Snake strikes near dorms

Chelsea Pennington, News editor

“Snake alert” signs have become a familiar sight in Beeson Woods and West Campus, especially during the spring and fall seasons when venemous snakes such as copperheads are most aggressive. IMG_1272_slider

Even so, on Oct. 8 sophomore religion major Bryan Howard found himself in a situation many Samford students have dreaded.

“My roommate and I were walking back to Beeson Woods after dinner. As we passed the bush right in front of our building I felt an extremely sharp pain in my foot and looked down to find a snake attached to my toe,” Howard said.

“I quickly kicked it off and tried to process what on earth just happened. The initial bite was painful but the bite didn’t bother me until I got to the hospital,” he said.

“I just happened to step close to it and it struck. It ended up being a copperhead which made my hospital visit overnight,” Howard said.

Howard said he later discovered snakes tended to stay on sidewalks and concrete where it was warm, so despite staying on the main path, he was still in danger.

Howard is the only student to be bitten this academic year, according to Assistant Director of Public Safety Steve Inman. He also said this was the first sighting of a snake this semester, as opposed to several sightings and bites the past two years. He credited this to facility management’s efforts.

“They’ve done a great job being proactive this year. Apparently it’s had an impact,” Inman said.

Students are encouraged to call Public Safety at (205) 726-2020 if they see a snake, and if possible remain within eyesight,w at a safe distance, in order to inform the officer where the snake has hidden.

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