Snakes reappearing around residence halls

MADISON MILESManaging Editor


Recently, “Snake Alert” signs have been popping up around campus. Snake sightings, especially of poisonous copperheads, have increased in wooded areas around Beeson Woods and West Campus.

The recent warm days and cooler evenings have caused snakes to seek out warmer areas at night such as concentrated pine straw or concrete warmed by a hot day. Public Safety has sent emails out to students and faculty, but there have still been bites.

Carly Coyne, a sophomore early childhood education major, was bitten near her dorm room in Beeson Woods.

“It was a very traumatic experience, but I am truly blessed to have recovered so quickly,” Coyne said.

Director of Public Safety Wayne Pittman says the staff and officers have taken extensive precaution with the snakes. They have placed the warning signs and put snake repellents in main sighting areas. He encouraged students to walk with a flashlight and wear closed-toed shoes at night.

“If you see one, don’t get close to it, but give us a call. We will come up there and see if we can take care of it,” Pittman said.

Public Safety can be reached any time at 205-726-2020.

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