How you spend fall break is up to you

Weslyn Walters, Columnist

Whether you’re catching a flight headed home or just catching up on sleep, fall break is everything that you want it to be. Considering the fact that students at Samford are from all over the nation, is it really worth it to head home just for a couple of days?

For those of us who live in-state, we may be more inclined to fill up our gas tank, pack our bags, and get home. Like a carousel, with a never ending schedule, first semester can be really overwhelming. For those of us who aren’t quite as close to home, getting all the way there just to come all the way back to campus seems less than worth it. With Thanksgiving break being right around the corner, that is even more of a reason to lay low for the few days that we are given. With lists of activities you “HAVE” to do in Birmingham always popping up on my social media feed, why not mark a few of those off the list in this rare free time?

Speaking of “free,” traveling is the farthest thing from that. Whether it’s a plane ticket or the cost of gas, that’s more money out of your—or your parent’s—pocket. Why not take that money and do a cool trip over Christmas break? You could buy that new phone or dress you’ve been eyeing. Honestly, you can do anything but waste your time and money traveling over fall break. I honestly thought that I’d be the only one staying on campus for this much-needed break but after asking around, more people will be here than you’d think. Even if your best friend will be snapping pictures of their hometown or their home-cooked meals, reach out and make some new friends. Do all of the things you’d be doing at home with them, just in Birmingham! You’d be surprised what can happen when you’re forced out of your comfort zone. In fact, you could have so many new experiences in the short time of what we’ve been looking forward to so much—fall break.

Have you ever had that message pop up on your Netflix asking if you’re still watching the show that has kept you in the dark, cuddled up in your bed? After seeing that reminder, you are bound to feel like you’re being extremely unproductive and that you could be doing so much more with your life. GUESS WHAT! Over fall break, you can unashamedly grab your candy and popcorn and click “continue watching.” After all, you don’t have to be doing anything else. With no one to interrupt your binge-watching or there to judge you for skipping out on that study group session, put a stop to having it all ruined by your friends’ spoilers and watch it for yourself!

So, this week, catch up on the school work you’ve been putting off, stop avoiding the responsibilities that you have, experience some “adulting,” do nothing, and clear your schedule because this is the time to fill your days with whatever you desire.


Weslyn Walters is a sophomore journalism and mass communication major.

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