Step Sing committee focuses on philanthropy

Daniel Dodson, News Writer

The committee overseeing Samford’s annual Step Sing announced claims to have a renewed focus on encouraging student participation in the event’s philanthropy.

“Over the last four years we’ve had open nominations for philanthropy. What is new this year is that the leadership will have a renewed focus, to push the call for nominations a little more,” said Director of Student Activities and Events Paige Acker.

The committee would like to see organizations that have ties to Samford, whether that comes from an alumni working there or a student interning there. The organization chosen must also align with the Samford’s core values, according to Acker.

“We aren’t looking for a large organization because usually they already have a big corporate sponsor; We are happy to partner with a medium or small organization,” Acker said.

Once the nomination period is over, the student committee will identify the top five and present them to the executive staff for student life. The top three will then be invited to make presentations to the committee before they make their decision on which organization to support.

This new focus for Step Sing is also followed by encouragement for more student involvement in the act of philanthropy, according to Acker.

“I would love to see the student participants take a strong interest in Step Sing philanthropy. For example, if each student participant raised $20, we would raise more money than ever before,” said Acker.

Organizations can be nominated on the Step Sing website through Oct. 15.

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