Step Sing groups choose themes

By SYDNEY CROMWELL, Editor-in-Chief

Step Sing 2014

Step Sing 2014

Step Sing is still months away, but the planning process is already underway. Yesterday was the theme selection deadline for groups participating in the 2015 show.

Despite some groups’ complaints that theme selection was early this year, Director of Student Activities and Campus Events Beth Roller said the date is exactly the same as last year – Oct. 7.

Roller said theme selection is always a high-stress event.

“People tend to just always freak out about it. It feels really final,” Roller said. “So I think no matter when we did it, they’d be stressed.”

If groups feel they made the wrong choice Roller said the Step Sing Committee is giving groups a month-long period to reconsider their themes and make changes.

“They can come in and re-pitch to the step sing committee at any point in that process. So it’s a lot less scary theme selection than it used to be,” Roller said.

That change was introduced last year. Other new things from the 2014 show, including the flat stage and matinee performance, will also be repeated this year.

The 2015 Step Sing show will be Feb. 12-14, 2015.

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