Straight Outta Parking

Jimmy Lichtenwalter, Features Editor, @jimmylich


Senior geography major Alex Fortanbary moved off campus this semester, and like many students has struggled to find a place to park in past two weeks.

In the following video, follow Fortanbary as he searches for a place to park before one of his Monday classes.



Buck Brock, Samford’s Vice President for financial and business affairs attributes the lack of parking to the blossoming of the university’s enrollment.

“This new freshmen class will shake out to be over 800 students,” Brock said. “For the first time, overall enrollment is over 5,000 students.”

While current parking is certainly an issue for students and faculty alike, Brock said he and the rest of Samford’s administration are very aware of the situation and are taking measures to alleviate the problem.

“There are more spots coming, both in the short term and long term,” Brock said.

A new lot, located behind Mamie Mell Vail Hall, had a soft opening on Friday, adding 30 new parking spots. Eventually, the parking lot will add a total of about 60 spots for commuters and faculty.

Brock also detailed a variety of the university’s long-term parking plans, including paving the service road behind the left field of Joe Lee Griffith Baseball Field, adding about 30 to 35 new spaces. Additionally, more spots will be added to West Village and Stadium parking lots in the near future.

“We will be involved in a campus planning process this fall that will examine all things happening on campus,” Brock said. “This will inform how we use facilities and create further plans for growth. Parking is an important part of this.”


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  1. Kara Young says:

    This video is ineffective and not accurate. The student is looking for parking in lots that aren’t even authorized for commuters. There were open spaces in West Village by 10:40am. Let’s refrain from unnecessary negativity.

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