Student section returns to stadium’s west side

Yasmeen Ebada, Sports EditorSamford Fan

The student section for home football games will return to the west side of the stadium for the 2015 season.

Martin Newton, the athletic director, announced the decision after students returned to campus.

“We heard what the students said, that they wanted to be back on the west side of the stadium, behind the team. It is all about the students, so we moved them back,” Newton said.

Students were moved to the east side of the stadium for the 2014 football season and many were not pleased with the change.

“Being placed on the east side put us on the visitors side and made it harder for us to cheer for our team,” senior accounting major Jen Evans said. “The energy was not as high and we felt disconnected during the game.”

Junior quarterback and interior architecture major Drew Pederson said he was excited about the decision to move students back to the west side of the stadium.

“I love the decision. We like seeing our friends when we run for a long touchdown or if defense makes a big play,” he said.

Some of last season’s games were streamed on ESPN 3, which raised a new problem with students sitting on the east side.

“We were trying to gear up our ESPN 3 streaming of all of our games, to put them on the east side of the stadium, we had to film from the west side of the stadium. To put them on the east side of the stadium, we had to put our best fans, our students, in the visitors bench because they would be rowdy and they would be on TV as well,” Newton said.

Senior kicker and finance and economics major Warren Handrahan said he thinks the move will have positive results.

“You have to give the fans what they want. I hope that this move will continue to increase student support at the games. We really need them,” he said.

Evans said she was pleased when she heard that Newton made the decision to move students back to the west side of the stadium.

“I am very happy that the athletic director has moved us back to where the student section was before,” she said. “This proves that he cares about all Samford students. Being behind the benches is more fun for the students because the team can hear us cheering them and we are surrounded by Samford fans.”

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