Students raise awareness for prison reform

Hannah Garrett, Features Editor

Samford’s Howard Scholars hosted an event to raise awareness for incarceration and prison reform in the Food Court April 11 and 12.

The event is the sequel to last year’s Campaign for Fair Sentencing and Prison Reform. This year, Bailey Bridgeman, a representative of Howard scholars, presented a three-minute film about prison reform.

The Howard Scholars are the namesake of John Howard, an English philanthropist and prison reformer who rose to notoriety in the 1700s. The students hosted Serving Time at Samford to investigate the Samford student body’s knowledge on the American prison system.

“The Howard Scholars are a group of top students in the College of Arts and Sciences who work on prison reform issues, carrying on the legacy of John Howard,” David Chapman, Samford English professor and faculty adviser for the organization said.

One dollar was donated to the Birmingham Offenders Alumni Association for every person who filled out a card after watching the informational video. The event was able to raise $264 to help prisoners re-enter society. Students in attendance were entered to win a $25 Starbucks gift card.

“We were thrilled by the number of students, faculty, and administrators who dropped by the Pod to learn more about the problems in our prisons and to support the Offenders Alumni Association, which helps prisoners re-enter society here in Birmingham,” Chapman said.

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