Students against Step Sing

Austin Hasenmueller

During a weekend filled with extravagant makeup, choreography and costumes, Sigma Nu sported their own unique uniform.

Members of the fraternity were seen on campus wearing “Step Sing Sucks” T-shirts and later attended university sporting events while wearing them. Clay Sullivan, a junior finance and economics major as well as a member of Sigma Nu, said the fraternity members are proud not to be a part of Step Sing.

“There are shirts made every year for the Step Sing tradition,” Sullivan said. “So we made shirts for our tradition of not doing Step Sing.”

For junior Sigma Nu and finance and economics major Jack Burke, Sigma Nu’s frustration with Step Sing is not necessarily about the event, but the effect it has on university athletics participation.

StepSingSucks“Sigma Nu is not a fan of Step Sing, but I think most of our frustration comes from the lack of support at the athletic events. Our fraternity loves to support all the teams on campus and we are upset that other students are not supporting [them],” Burke said.

Burke is also the fraternity’s designated “swag chairman” that designed and distributed the T-shirts.

While he said that he appreciates the fact that Step Sing raises thousands of dollars for various philanthropies, he is concerned that students allow the practices to interfere with athletic support.

“[Athletes] put in countless hours of work every single day, and to hear [students] complain about Step Sing practice for a couple of hours a night is unbelievable,” Burke said.

Not all members of the fraternity are against this well-known tradition, but those wearing the shirt wore it proudly.

Mary Beth Carlisle, a junior nursing major and member of the Step Sing committee, says that she does not buy the Sigma Nu “too cool” attitude.

“They act like they’re too cool for it, but they come to the shows or sneak into dress rehearsal,” Carlisle said. “So clearly it doesn’t really ‘suck’ to them.”

Carlisle says she thinks the shirts and “could not care less” fronts are Sigma Nu’s own way of supporting Step Sing.

Allie Gassner, a sophomore human development and family science major and member of the Step Sing committee, has no concern over what the fraternity has to say about the Step Sing season.

“We enjoy working with the participating organizations,” Gassner said. “But we recognize that it is not for everyone.”

Sigma Nu’s president, senior accounting major Matt Carrick, was unaffected by the outrage of the Step Sing lovers. When approached about the situation, quoted Marshawn Lynch and said, “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”


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