Sweet Om: Serving the Community through Yoga

Yoga enthusiasts gathered at a Global Mala at Vulcan Park to benefit local communities last month. Photo by Casey Cappa.

By Casey Cappa |

Whether it’s volunteering at church, teaching kids’ soccer teams or feeding the homeless, most Samford students spend time serving the community. Yet most overlook one outlet of service: yoga.

Sweet Om Alabama is an organization that aims to serve the community through yoga and meditation. Sweet Om’s goal is to unite service with “collective consciousness” gained through yoga, spreading positive energy throughout the community.

In an effort to gain this collective consciousness, Sweet Om Alabama provides several events and classes. Community classes are taught by volunteer yoga instructors and are free to attend. Most classes take place in local yoga studios, but other locations include Ruffner Mountain Nature Center and Railroad Park.

Sweet Om also hosts several events to bring yoga to the community. During September, National Yoga Month, the pinnacle of events was the annual Global Mala held in Vulcan Park.

Alabama Possible, an organization committed to helping end poverty in the state of Alabama, partnered with Sweet Om for the Global Mala and several other events during National Yoga Month. This partnership with Sweet Om and Alabama Possible allowed the community to join together for the cause of serving.

“This was our first year partnering with Sweet Om,” said Eva Walton, program manager of Alabama Possible. Walton continued that the events “provided an opportunity to share our message with a different group of people.”

Sweet Om also has partnerships with other organizations such as The Alethia House, Pathways Homeless Shelter, and North Central Alabama Susan G. Kolmen for the Cure. Sweet Om provides “outreach classes” to these groups and serves them through the practice of yoga and meditation.

Sweet Om encourages the community of Birmingham, including Samford students, to participate in serving the community through the practices of yoga. Participating in yoga can achieve more than just a physical education credit, but can provide an opportunity to help others in need.

For more information about Sweet Om Alabama, go to www.sweetomalabama.org.

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